About Us

GMC specialise in competition and road vehicle performance equipment, with particular emphasis on citroen and peugeot TU engine series vehicles e.g. AX, Saxo and 106 ranges.

Our expertise spans over 30 years of competition involvement, both preparation and competing, including autocrossing, rallying, sprinting and circuit racing.We believe in pushing technology to break new ground. In the past we were the first turbo-charge a hillman Imp, we also turbo-charged a Subaru two years before subaru did themselves!

We have been developing supercharger kits for citreon Saxo VTR & VTS, also fitting Peugeot 106 vehicles for the last 9 years, plus kits available for many other vehicles.

Although specialist with Citroen and Peugeot, this knowledge is equally applicable to any engine or vehicle. We can do what ever you want.

During 2000, one of our directors was hired to organise a taiwanese Touring Car Team and in particular improve engine performance. The team is using Sao VTSs and went from 6th place to 1st in 3 races getting a new lap record by over 3/4 of a second! We built a new engine specially built to comply with their rules of keeping the standard throttle body and achieved 150 bhp at the wheels.

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