We are able to do anything you want, from mild tuning of road car to full race specification, including head porting, high lift cams, specially made forged pistons to any size, one off crankshaft and connecting rods, oversized race specification valves, phosphor bronze guides, competition valves springs, ball jointed rocker arms, special inlet manifolds to fit to down draught carburettors or injection bodies, four into one exhaust manifolds and exhaust systems, cold air boxes and induction systems, superchargers systems etc. in fact anything that improves performance.

While specializing in Citroen and Peugeot TU engines for which we have evolved special parts that no one else makes, we can use this same technology on any engine. One off special conversions are no problem. Descriptions and prices of a selection of conversions are under the heading Price Lists.

One area of modification that is proving very popular is putting a Saxo VTR 1600 8v engines into AX's and smaller engine SAXO's . While normal methods of tuning such as changing a cam and a head job are still popular you cannot beat giving an engine more capacity as apart from more horsepower it also gives more torque low down, which is more important, as it is torque that gives acceleration whereas horsepower gives more top speed. Most people are concerned with better acceleration between say, 30mph and 80 mph not the fact that car now does 125mph instead of 110mph. There are other reasons why a big engine change should be considered, one being that all our engines are under twenty thousand miles and that the cost of a big engine is less than a cam change and head job. The reason we mention the mileage of our engines is that a lot of people are considering doing a conversion on a vehicle that has probably done 60000 miles plus, which begs the question, is the engine sound enough to take the conversion and with the cost of labour and parts it is cheaper to have one of our second hand units than to overhaul the existing engine. The combination of these considerations often means a big engine change is the best solution. It should also be remembered as all the tuning which may have been contemplated on a smaller engine is still possible on the big engine and because the capacity is larger the performance gains will be much more.


Although this is covered in the section about supercharging, this is most cost effective way of getting big power from any modern engine and we specialise in this type of tuning. Because modern engines are very efficient and high bhp for their size in comparison to engines made 10 years ago and controlled by fuel injection and ECU controlled it is difficult to get the massive power gains of yesteryear. Going back 20 years or so any engine could be made to 40% more power by a cam change, a manifold and a pair of weber carbs, but in those days a 2 litre engine only made 90 bhp so the scope to tune was very easy and you got a great benefit for not too much spent. Now however, even a family saloon 2 litre engine gives you 130 bhp plus, so the scope is very much reduced for easy or cheap bhp increases. To get a 50% increase, you need cams head work, multiple throttle bodies, programmable management etc etc. Once you get into this, the costs are £3000 upwards and within the price of a supercharger unit. SEE SUPERCHARGER SECTION.

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