Clutch & Transmission

Many people are willing to spend money on special engine conversions but seem unwilling to spend money on an uprated clutch and transmission, sometimes with dire effect.

All modern vehicles have clutches and transmissions that are more than adequate for reasonable power increases but there comes a time when the standard units can take no more and fail. What kills clutches and transmissions is torque not horsepower, so a transmission taking 140 horsepower at 9000 RPM would be less strained than one taking 100 horsepower at 5000RPM. The figures work out at 81 ft. lbs at 9000 and 105 ft. lbs. at 5000. If you are radically increasing the power above standard, make sure you have enough in your budget for at least a competition clutch, as this is the first failure point. While the gearbox may have its life shortened by excessive power and judged as acceptable to replace it occasionally, the clutch will slip the first time you get to the magic figure it can handle. What a waste of all that money you have spent to give it all that power.

Another point about clutch life is the usage of the vehicle not just the torque or BHP. People using their car for aggressive standing starts, whether it is "traffic light grand prix's" or those who go to drag meets this seriously reduces clutch life and an uprated unit is advisable.

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